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 Lvl 74 Hunter

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PostSubject: Lvl 74 Hunter   Fri Dec 12, 2008 10:12 am

Gabriel Dobos
In my previous guilds they've all just called me Lunk. At school they call me Gabe and of course that works fine as well. Still I prefer Lunk in-game. Guess I've grown quite attached to this smelly old orc.

Age: 13 in January
Sure hope 2009 goes by fast... but not too fast, I want to enjoy the game too.

Through the dark portal and here I am... in Sweden. Northern Europe. Cold country, real cold. I wish I could move to Los Angeles where it's warm all the time.

Char name: Lunkentus
I was looking for a name for my hunter when we had a quiz in school. The question was about the name of some man, one of the options was ”Lunkentus” and it just stuck in my head. It may sounds weird but Lunkentus is who I am. I used to think about changing the name to something cooler, but I just couldn't. Lunkentus is Lunkentus.

Level: 75
Growing him as fast as I can. Planning to hit 80 by Christmas.
I do however tend to wander off and just enjoy the game once in a while. So speed leveling in bursts I guess.

Race: Orc
I chose Orc cause they're strong, do more damage with axes and mainly, because they're GREEN! There's just something about this guy and as soon as I did the first quest, ”You're place in the world”, I knew this was the right race for me.

Class: Hunter
My uncle has always been my WoW mentor. I really liked the idea of having a pet and I was intrigued by ranged DPS. So obviously my uncle told I ought to be a hunter, and that was it. When I got to lvl 32-35 I just couldn't do any alts, becuse by then I loved my class too much. I really don't have that tank urge anyway. They can have the guts and glory. I prefer staying in the back doing ranged DPS.

Spec (intended end game): Beast Mastery and Markmanship
At least at the moment. If you ask me, Beast Mastery is the best raid dps spec for hunters. I wouldn't say no to Survival or Markman spec however. Not such a big difference but you just can't go wrong with Bestial Wrath. So, BM is my main thing, but if you guys want me to spec somthing else just let me know.

What are your relative stats at the moment?(hit, healing etc): Hit rating is 33, and crit chance is 15,32%, damage 592-730, and agility 550. AP 1243, armor 5924 (all these are ranged). Can't wait for some 80 epics.

What are your immediate goals concerning your character?:
First of all, get to 80 obviously. Also, I really need to get some good epic raiding gear so I'm planning to first do HC dungeons, then move on to raiding and even better gear. Besides that, to improve mining & engineering so work on that as well.

What addons do you prefer to use for your character?(Picture of UI): Cartographer, Questhelper, Xpearl, DBM, Omen, Icehud, Tomtom, and SpartanUI.
Tried to use this hosting but no matter how many times i register it keeps telling me the username/password is wrong. Will gladly email screenshot of my UI if requested.

Have ever paid or contacted any power leveling third-party companies(gold selling etc)?: Never! Goldsellers just annoy me when they talk in the trade channel. A friend of mine bought gold but to me that basically is cheating. Why play the game if you're not gonna play the game, right?

WoW experience: 2 ½ years.
Started as a dwarf hunter in the summer of 2006. Soon saw the error of my ways and ceremoniously drowned him in a lake. Been a proud orc ever since. Kinda funny: every kid at school was Alliance when I made the switch, then one after one turned to the Horde. Guess it's just too good being bad.
Been working Lunkentus for about 1 year now. Didn't reach 60 before the release of BC so went straight on up to 70. At first didn't find the time to do that many raids at 70 either. I did Karazhan a few times, but after Atumen the Huntsman was down realized raiding was the thing for me! Sure, PvP is OK but I still don't think it holds a candle to raiding.
I know I may not be very experienced in raiding but I have been doing a lot of dungeons and not just PUGs but with other guild members.

I believe I am a strong team player and a valuable ranged DPS asset.

Previous guilds: The Alliance Bashers, Bloodlust, League Of The Dead. Been asked to join Dragonblight, but declined to pursue a slot with VFML.

League Of The Dead:
The guildmaster invited me to the guild when I was about lvl 28. Other guild members had told him I was a good hunter with good hunter skills. I'm not quite sure how many levels I was with them, but when my two hunter friends joined Bloodlust I joined went with them.

Bloodlust was a really bad guild. Bad language, stupid comments, and worst of all: no one helped each other. So I left really quick. I had a friend in The Alliance Bashers that invited me, so that choice was easy.

The Alliance Bashers
I stayed in AB for at least 30 lvls and it was there I got most of my experience. Bannan (now with VFML) had a hunter before he did his warrior, so he gave me lots of good advice. And so one day the guild crashed and everyone just left. Many of the best joined VFML which I also hope to do!

Reasons for Joining: Well that's the story. My old guild The Alliance Bashers crashed and lots of my friends joined VFML. Hey, they're my friends and they're all real good players. Who am I to argue? VFML is the place for me!

Tell us a little bit about yourself: So, I'm a Swedish 13-year-old. I started playing WoW on my own but really kicked into high gear when I visited my uncle in Los Angeles. He made me leave the Alliance and my lvl 18 dwarf behind and start Lunkentus, the meanest, greenest, leanest orc this side of the Great Sea. The thing is my uncle's an orc and he told me that I'd have to sleep in the garage if I didn't switch to the Horde. When I got home I logged in, ran as fast as my little dwarf legs could carry me to Stormwind Channels and drowned myself (after drowning my sorrows with a few beers at the Darkmoon fair). Since I deleted my dwarf I never looked back. I checked out different realms and found Shattered Halls, where I made an Orc Warrior and played him up to lvl 16. Something was still missing. After my 12th birthday I created Lunkentus, an Orc Hunter! I figured I'd get him up to 70, join the best guild I could find and start raiding like my uncle. When I hit 70 it was just 2 weeks to WoTLK so I only managed to do Karazhan a few times. Now I hope to join Victory For My Llamas.

I think you guys would find my hunter useful. You can't go wrong with a skilled ranged dps, and of course there's the pet too. Two for the price of one, right? Sure I'm 13 but serious and a real team player. Old Alliance Bashers can vouch for that. Always trying to improve, not just my character, but as a gamer too. Not to brag, but my English is pretty good for a Swedish 13-year-old. English is mandatory in school here but I have also been in the US several times. Guess all the gaming hasn´t hurt either!
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PostSubject: Lvl   Fri Dec 12, 2008 10:46 am

Wrong lvl in app subject.
Correct lvl is 75.
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PostSubject: Re: Lvl 74 Hunter   Sun Dec 14, 2008 5:45 pm

Hi Lunkentus,

you have a very good application but im afraid im going to have to deny this application.
we are only recruiting level 80's at the moment geared for naxx.


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PostSubject: Re: Lvl 74 Hunter   

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Lvl 74 Hunter
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